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Food and Wine Philosophy

We aim to shine a spotlight on what is produced locally and allow the food products to speak for themselves. With a true respect for the products we purchase and food we create, we seek to serve them in a simple yet sophisticated manner with the focus on appreciating the amazing bounty of our province and country. This honouring extends not solely to those people involved, but to the greater environment and life of the planet as a whole. We aim to create flavours and dishes that are familiar to Canadians, but are elevated and refined.


The main objective for our wine and beverage list is to offer an inspired selection of beverages that, first and foremost, compliment the food menu. Our carefully curated beer and wine menu will have offerings that are approachable and adhering to the same philosophy as the kitchen. That is, from small producers, quality focused, constantly evolving and above all, delicious. We will guide guests through our world of wine and beer in an informed and easy manner.


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